• Professional One by One Eyelash Extention Set

The Hollywood trend meanwhile has become an established service. As a savvy beautician, today you can offer almost every customer the result that promises a "true eyelash extension":

Fine, but stable and always natural-looking long eyelashes which "hold" perfectly. Because not the high-quality glue stops sticking, but every eyelash and thus also every "extended eyelash" falls out at some point. The natural rhythm of loss and renewal of the own eyelash hairs is on average 4-6 weeks. Therefore, after the first treatment, well-planned refill dates are recommended. Like this a serious customer loyalty "comes by itself"!

Content 1x 6mm Eyelashes 1x 8mm Eyelashes 1x 10mm Eyelashes 1x 12mm Eyelashes 1x 10mm Eyelashes - red 1x 10mm Eyelashes - blue 1x 10mm Eyelashes - purple 1x 5g Eyelash Glue (Sensitive black) 1x 10ml Glue Debonder (to take away glue) 1x eyelash comb 2x tweezers (one straight / one bent) 1x microscope slide (glass pane to put on glue) 1x Scissors 1x Surgical tape

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Professional One by One Eyelash Extention Set

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